Bart Stefanski
Published on

🌌 Fixing Kubernetes OpenLens Blank Screen Issue


I recently attempted to set up OpenLens to work with kubectl, but all I encountered was a blank white screen. Despite having everything configured correctly and being able to list all the clusters, the connection seemed established. To verify if you have a similar connection, you can try running this command:

$ kubectl get pods

The expected output of this command should display a list of your available pods. If the connection is established correctly, you'll see something like:

NAME                          READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
your-pod-name-1               1/1     Running   0          1d
your-pod-name-2               1/1     Running   0          1d

I soon discovered that OpenLens is built using Electron and React, which led me to a simple solution. By pressing cmd + R to refresh the view, I managed to fix the issue, and the clusters view appeared as expected. This quick refresh can be a helpful trick if you ever find yourself facing the same problem when working with OpenLens and kubectl.