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I am Bart, a self-taught full-stack software engineer based in Poland, working in React.js & Nest.js stack. Passionate about Clean Code, Object-Oriented Architecture, and fast web. This month I made 86 contributions.

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⚡️ Free Next.js responsive landing page template for SaaS products made using JAMStack architecture.




An interactive shell for NestJS which allows you to plug-in your custom commands and use them when the app's running




🖼️ Image proxy for Next.js. Makes it possible to use dynamic domains in next/image component.



Blog posts

My latest blog posts


Upgrading one dependency causes the whole yarn.lock to change - fix

Installing or updating a dependency with yarn can cause a whole lock file to change. In reality, it doesn't bump versions of the packages you wouldn't suspect, but it does change the formatting and the order of everything.

How to use multiple GitHub accounts on one machine

Quick tutorial on how to use multiple GitHub accounts on one machine with SSH keys

How to ban imports with ESLint

Sometimes you don't want to use some modules from a library or other part of your code. Or you want to prevent your colleagues from using them. This post gives you a ready-to-use solution for banning imports with ESLint.

Can SVG Symbols affect web performance?

When it comes to repeatable SVGs, most people would create a component and reuse it anywhere they want. There's a high chance, that you would be missing some performance freebies. If you're striving for that bang-for-the-buck kind of performance, this article might be interesting for you.

Simple, pragmatic and performant i18n solution for JavaScript applications

A copy-paste snippet for pragmatic i18n implementation for any modern JavaScript application. Supports dotted paths & TypeScript.