Howdy, I am Bart
I am a highly-motivated software developer with experience in frontend and backend. I like to ship things fast and good.
Currently, my focus is on Next.js, and Web Performance, and I am a big fan of streamlining Developer Experience.

In March 2023, I've made 48 commits on GitHub.

Open source

Pinned open source projects


⚡️ Free Next.js responsive landing page template for SaaS products made using JAMStack architecture.




An interactive shell for NestJS which allows you to plug-in your custom commands and use them when the app's running




🖼️ Image proxy for Next.js. Makes it possible to use dynamic domains in next/image component.



Blog posts

My latest blog posts


🌌 Fixing Kubernetes OpenLens Blank Screen Issue

Discover a simple fix for the blank screen issue in OpenLens when working with kubectl by using a quick refresh command to reveal the clusters view.

😎 Unlocking Next.js Benefits: No SSR? No Problem!

Explore the benefits of using Next.js for app development, even if you don't require Server Side Rendering. Learn how its features enhance performance, speed up development, and maintain flexibility while simplifying the development process.

🛠️ Quickly Launch VSCode from Terminal as Admin (2023)

Easily open VSCode in a desired directory using the terminal by running it as an administrator with this simple solution.

🐯 Opening New Tabs on Mobile Devices with JavaScript, Safari-Friendly

Learn a simple workaround for opening new tabs on mobile devices using JavaScript that is compatible with Safari's security policies.

🕹️ How to prettify your cat command

A guide on how to make your old black and white cat command pretty and more legible