Bart Stefanski
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🎒 Bringing Back Gitk on macOS


In today's blog post, let's talk about Git GUIs! As someone who has always stuck to the command line and git aliases for Git adventures, it may be surprising to find out there's an instance where even I can't resist the charm of a good ol' GUI! And that's when casually browsing the Git tree to check out the changes made and where they've been sprinkled.

In the past, the built-in Git tool called gitk was used for this purpose. But it seems like in the latest versions of macOS, it's not included by default, so a little extra effort is needed to get it back.

To bring gitk back into action, just run the following commands:

brew update
brew install git
brew install git-gui

And voilà! The gitk command should be up and running, ready to help navigate that Git tree with ease.