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🛍️ Easiest way to generate Shopify admin access token


In Shopify, leveraging API capabilities becomes effortless through custom app creation within your store's admin interface. This approach is notably simpler compared to standard marketplace app development, primarily because it allows for straightforward generation of API Keys. These keys come with the added benefit of fine-tuned access control to specific scopes.

To embark on this process, navigate to the admin panel of your store, which can be accessed at <your-store-url>/admin. Once there, locate the Apps section in the left sidebar. Clicking on this will reveal a search menu, an unconventional yet functional design choice. Select the App and sales channel settings from this menu.

Apps list

You'll be directed to the Apps and sales channels card, displaying all public apps installed in your store. To view or manage your private and custom apps, select the Develop apps button positioned at the page's top.

Creating custom app

Chances are, this list might be empty if you haven't created an app yet. So, let's proceed by clicking Create an app. Name it however you want. Upon submission, your app should be operational.

Seting up scopes

The next crucial step involves generating the API Key. Navigate to the API Credentials tab and opt for the Admin API integration button. You should select the following scopes:

  • read_products
  • write_products
  • read_product_listings
  • read_product_feeds

Ensure you choose the latest API version, for instance, 2023-10, and then save your settings.

Accessing the Token

Lastly, switch to the Overview tab and click on the Install app button. Post-installation, you'll receive an access token. It's vital to save this token securely as it cannot be retrieved once lost.

Install app screen